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On The Frontlines of COVID-19 in Chicago

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the United States, it quickly became clear that the country's poorest communities would be the most impacted. 


Clear Cut Productions were allowed access to The New Roseland Community Hospital in Chicago’s far South Side to see the horror unfold.

A New York Festivals award for “Best News Reporter/Correspondent'.

ITV (London) - COVID-19 Second Wave

As the second wave of COVID-19 hit Chicago, Clear Cut Productions returned to Roseland to explore the impacts of the pandemic for ITV News, London. 

Voices From The Wall

A New York Festivals winning documentary that examined tensions at the U.S./Mexico border. Hearing from a variety of different people whose lives have been impacted by the strengthening of the U.S. border.

Life After Hate

A Gold Telly Award Winning documentary that examines what can be done to combat hate. 

It follows a reformed white supremacist about his life after leaving a hate group and his quest to help others escape extremism. 

Insulin Caravan

Seven and a half million people in the United States suffer from type 1 diabetes and depend on insulin to survive. But in the last five years, the cost of the life-saving drug in the U.S. has doubled reaching prices up to $300 a vial.  Correspondent Dan Williams embarks on a road trip to Canada with a group of diabetics looking for affordable insulin prices.

Our Rhino in safe Hands

An award winning documentary that follows South Africa sports stars as they attempt to use their influence to stop rhino horn trafficking.

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